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Circle is an offering to all who wish to build upon their own practice of meditation, self reflection and healing in a safe, caring and sharing environment.  Each week will offer you the opportunity to explore and practice holistic and wellness tools and techniques of Mind, Body and Spiritual paradigms.  Some tools new ... some old ... all as profound and powerful as the individual people utilizing them!

Investment: $25.00 + tax per class
$20.00 + tax pre-paid / monthly commitment

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 Healing Roots Wellness Workshop Menu

The following workshops have been created and are executed in a fun, informative and interactive style. 


Aromatherapy is a natural healing art and science which uses pure Essential Oils that have been extracted from trees, plants, herbs and flowers all which carry their own unique healing properties.
Introduction to Aromatherapy and the use of Pure Essential Oils Workshop
In this workshop you will have the opportunity to participate in an 'Olfactory Nerve' experiment while we address commonly asked questions around easily utilizing the therapeutic, healing properties of pure Essential Oils in your home, health and beauty regimes.  Covering questions such as; What is Aromatherapy? How does Aromatherapy work? What are the benefits of Aromatherapy / pure Essential Oil use? How do you chose the Essential Oils that are appropriate for you and your family?  How do you chose a high quality Essential Oil or blend? We will also discuss health and medicinal contraindications and the proper way to store your Essential Oil collection.
We often share many recipes, remedies and personal favorite Essential Oil blends and applications during this interactive workshop, please be sure to bring your questions, a journal and a pen for notes!
Aromatherapy Workshop; Developing your Art and taking it one step further!
This workshop is intended for those interested in digging a little deeper into the art and science of Aromatherapy.  We will discuss the chemistry and science behind this healing art that promotes health and well being naturally.  Don't worry, it's not a full blown chemistry lesson!, but we will talk about the importance of understanding Top, Middle and Base Notes, Extraction Methods, Traditional Applications, Carrier Oils, Blending Techniques and Synergy Blends.
(Prerequisite: Introduction to Aromatherapy and the use of pure Essential Oils Workshop)
Aromatherapy DIY Fountain of Youth Facial
This interactive workshop is always a lot of fun ... no matter the age, gender or demographics of the participants!  This all natural facial is so effective and simple to do for yourself and with ingredients you may easily find in your own pantry.  You will chose Essential Oils that are appropriate for you based on your skin type, health conditions and your desired outcome.  We start with a steam inhalation to open pores and to set the mood for a relaxing experience ... at your own hands!  Next we cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize as you learn rejuvenating facial and scalp massage techniques.  We then utilize the healing properties of an all natural healing clay mask.  You are invited to participate in a guided meditation during the 'masking' stage of your facial guiding you towards full relaxation.
This workshop is also excellent for teens and pre-teens - guiding them in a healthy direction for an all natural skin care regime free from chemical, additives and preservatives. 
Home 'Spa' parties are available and popular for all ages!
Exploring the Levels of Consciousness Series
Introduction to Hypnosis / Self Hypnosis Workshop
This workshop has been designed to give you the opportunity to explore the science behind Hypnosis techniques.  We will discuss the benefits of enjoying a relaxed, focused state of relaxation and concentration that may be utilized to create many positive changes in your life.  We will explore the difference of Conscious vs Subconscious level of mind and the importance of being aware of the language you use to either help or hinder your efforts!  For those that wish to participate, there will be an opportunity to enjoy a group Hypnosis session.  This allows you to experience being (formally) hypnotized and all of the wonderful results that follow, even after your very first time. 
No previous Hypnosis experienced required.
Practicing the Art of Self Communication; Self Hypnosis Workshop
We continue to explore the beautiful and intricate connection of Mind, Body and Spirit with regards to what it means to really listen and respond accordingly to our own internal messages and truth.  We will learn techniques of moving through our own levels of consciousness through a guided Hypnosis session to help us heal, balance and center Self.  
Cultivating Acceptance ~ Embracing the Present; Self Hypnosis Workshop
Embracing and living in the Present moment may seem like a pretty tall order but is one that can be easily experienced when we put our focused intention to work and open up the opportunity to cultivate acceptance of Self.
In Connection with Health and Well Being; Self Hypnosis Workshop
We will explore the beautiful and intricate connection of Mind, Body and Spirit while discussing what prayer, meditation and the multiple levels of consciousness can be and mean for each of us.  You will have the opportunity to journey with a wonderful guided Self Hypnosis experience connecting you to your own personal source of Abundance ... in all it's forms.
Practicing the Art of Self Communication; Self Hypnosis Workshop
We continue to explore the intricate connection of Mind, Body and Spirit with regards to what it means to really means to listen and respond to our own internal messages and truth.  You will learn techniques of moving through your own levels of consciousness to help you heal, balance and center your Self.
The Art of Self Hypnosis; Workshops #1, #2 & #3
3 individual workshops designed to offer the experience of effectively engaging your Subconscious to let go of anything that 'no longer fits'.  Used to gain clarity and to help move you beyond previous limitations and towards your desired goal(s).  This series of workshops are progressive as each builds upon the last. Once you have completed all 3 levels you will have gained tools that will help you for the rest of your life.  Each participant is encouraged to have 3 goals in mind that they would like to work on during the course of these 3 workshops. 
Healing Touch Series
Acupressure Workshop
Acupressure is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that supports the natural flow of energy in the body.  A blockage in our energy flow results in in-balance within the body which in many cases presents as dis-comfort or dis-ease in the physical body as well as causing dis-harmony within the emotions.
We will discuss the 26 bilateral energy release points and with a 'hands on' experience of feeling and regulating our own energy flow to enjoy increased circulation and a natural cleanse enhancing the body's ability to return to a natural, healthy flow of energy. 
Self Massage Workshop
Most of us know the bliss of enjoying a wonderful massage at the hands of an experienced therapist.  In this workshop you will have the opportunity to work with personalized essential oil blends and learn techniques of a regular Self Massage routine.  Increase circulation, lubricate joints, stimulate organs, tone muscle, calm nerves, increase stamina, nourish skin, slow aging.  Just a few good reasons to get in touch with your own head, face, ears, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet and , not to forget ... buttocks and belly's too! 
Open yourself up to pure acceptance and love of the beautiful body you live in ... regardless of it's shape or size.
Reflexology Workshop ~ Bring a Buddy!
Reflexology is a natural healing therapy based on the principle that there are 'zones' and 'reflex points' on each foot that correspond to every part, organ and gland of the body.  Reflexology helps to stimulate nerve endings, increases circulation, eliminates toxins and promotes deep relaxation throughout the entire body. 
After a brief introduction you will enjoy a luxurious Aromatherapy herbal foot soak, followed by a deeply hydrating foot massage while covering all Reflexology points and zones.  Each Buddy will give and receive with each other for a fun and interactive treatment that will leave you with a skip in your step!

Holistic health and, in specific, the use of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils as a compliment to traditional medicine is quickly growing in popularity but has left many people with so many important and valid questions!  

Consider hosting a Workshop in your Home, Office or at a Church fundraiser.  A wonderful opportunity to share the gift of health, well-being and positive information.   

 New workshop topics are regularly created and added to our "Workshop Menu".   

If there is a specific topic that you would like to explore, we value and welcome your suggestions!

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