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Reflexology is a natural healing therapy based on the principle that there are 'zones' and reflex points on each foot that correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body.

By applying pressure using thumb, finger and hand techniques.  Reflexology helps to stimulate nerve endings and assists in breaking up toxins and congestion throughout the body while promoting circulation and a deep sense of relaxation that lasts long after your treatment ends.

Reflexology has been practiced for years, dating as far back as 2300 BC. Considered a effective complimentary therapy, it has been gaining in popularity in our present day as a safe and effective treatment for health concerns of all ages and gender.

Your 1 hour reflexology treatment at Healing Roots Wellness begins with a warm, herbal foot soak while you enjoy a cup of hot green tea.  The foot soak gently warms your feet and initiates a deep sense of relaxation while helping the body to begin it's own detoxification process.

Next, you will recline into a comfortable position complete with pillow and blanket while your feet are dried off and wrapped in a warm towel.

While you relax, your feet will be worked one at a time.  Even though you may present with a specific health goal, it is important for the entire foot to be worked vs. focusing on one area corresponding to a specific body part, organ or gland.  By working the entire foot (bottom, top, sides and ankles) we encourage the body to work as a 'whole' while helping it to release congestion, toxins and to promote overall well-being.

Your treatment concludes with a hydrating full foot massage and a delightfully soothing hot towel finish.

If you chose to 'Deluxe' your reflexology session you will then relax for an additional 15 minutes while a custom blended healing clay foot mask pulls additional toxins and hydrates your feet on a deep and penetrating level.

I like to think of our feet as the foundation of our body.  If you have ever experienced sore or tired feet, you are reminded of how sore and tired the rest of your body also feels, including your mind and emotions.

Reflexology Treatment  $60.00 (1 Hour)

                                                  Signature Treatment

Massage + Reflexology 1hr 30min $110.

Head 'n Shoulders ~ Knees to Toes

Enjoy the benefits of 3 amazing treatments all tucked into one perfect package! Following a discussion regarding your current state of health and well being I will create an Aromatherapy Massage Oil specific to your health goals. Combining massage with the healing art of Aromatherapy is an absolute treat for your neck, shoulders, face and scalp. Built up tension is gently and effectively released. You will continue to rest comfortably as your rejuvenating Reflexology session and hydrating massage from Knees to Toes transports you to a new dimension of relaxation, health and well being!

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